Symposium A
Adaptive, Active and Multifunctional
Smart Materials Systems
Advisory Board
Invited Speakers

Materials that sense the physical, chemical and biological environment by significantly changing their properties discontinuously or in a controlled fashion are of increasing interest for a great variety of uses, from the electronics industry, to medicine to space structures. The subject covers a vast array of adaptive, active and multifunctional materials systems ranging from inorganic solids such as ceramics, metals, alloys, functionalised nanotubes, and organic polymers and gels to responsive organometallic compounds, supramolecular assemblies, metal-organic frameworks, coordination polymers and molecular level smart materials. To meet relevant needs for present and future applications further substantial developments are required in materials, models of materials behaviour and technologies aimed either at optimising and implementing their active functions in smart devices or to molecularly engineer the intrinsically dynamic properties of adaptive or responsive materials to elicit appropriate physical, chemical and biological responses. This symposium, which also includes Focused Sessions on multiferroics, metamaterials, graphene and actively moving polymers, and Special Sessions on non-volatile memory devices and multifunctional materials for energy harvesting, follows the ones on the same subject organised in the frames of previous CIMTEC editions and aims at enlightening recent progress in this multidisciplinary field.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Synthesis of new nano/molecularly/atomically engineered smart material systems
  • Structural/electronic/magnetic/optical/mechanical/thermal/chemical/biological properties
  • Phase transformations, transport mechanisms, surfaces, defects, space charge, polarisation, interfaces
  • Theory, constitutive behaviour, multiscale models
  • Combinatorial approaches
  • Nanoscale effects
  • Switching/activating/ triggering/molecular recognition mechanisms
  • Advanced processing: self and directed assembly, biomimetics, micro/nano lithography, micromachining, electron, laser and ion beam techniques
  • Adaptive/active materials and composites
  • Hybrid and multifunctional smart materials systems
  • Physical/chemical/biochemical sensors and actuators
  • Smart Nanomaterials/Nanosensors/Nanoactuators
  • Application engineering

Session Topics

Each Session, where appropriate, may include materials, actuators, sensors, devices, applications

A-1 Smart Inorganic Materials Systems

  • Piezoelectrics and electrostrictives
  • Ferroelectrics and magnetostrictives
  • Flexoelectrics
  • Tunable dielectrics
  • Magnetoelectronic materials
  • Other non linear/tunable functional inorganic materials
  • Biologically responsive inorganic materials
  • Chemically and environmentally responsive inorganic materials<
  • Photo activated inorganic materials
  • Other responsive inorganic materials systems

A-2 Stimuli Responsive Polymers and Gels

  • Biologically and environmentally responsive polymers and gels
    Chemically and photo activated polymers and gels
  • Micro-, nano- and molecular scale polymers for sensors and actuators
    Other smart organic materials systems

A-3 Auxetic Materials

A-4 ER fluids/ MR fluids/ Ferrofluids

A-5 Luminescent and Chromogenic Materials Systems

5.1 Inorganic materials and compounds; molecular organic and polymeric; quantum confined structures; hybrid organic-inorganic nanostructures; self-organized nanostructures, etc.

5.2 Chromogenic: electrochromics; reflective hydrides; liquid crystals; suspended particle displays;photochromics; thermotropics

A-6 Multifunctional Materials, Composites and Active Hybrid Materials Systems

6.1 Multifunctional materials, hybrids and nanocomposites

6.2 Functional porous materials

A-7 Smart Molecular and Sopramolecular Systems, Metallorganic Frameworks and Coordination Polymers

A-8 Adaptive/Responsive Surfaces and Multifunctional Smart Coatings

Special Session A-10
Emerging Non-volatile Memory Devices

Focused Sessions
A-11 Multiferroics

A-12 Progress in Metamaterials Research

A-13 Graphene: from Science to Technology

Special Session A-14
Multifunctional Smart Materials for Energy Harvesting

Focused Session A-15
Actively Moving Polymers