Focused Session A-15
Actively Moving Polymers
Advisory Board
Invited Speakers

Polymeric materials having the ability to move actively in response to an external stimulus found their way into several application areas such as packaging, textiles, aerospace or biomedicine. Today, these materials are of high scientific and technological significance. In general two categories of such intelligent materials can be distinguished: shape-memory polymers and shape-changing polymers. Tremendous progress in synthesis, analytics, and molecular modeling enables scientists today to develop active polymer systems in a knowledge based approach. Fundamental research aims toward other stimuli different than heat (e.g. electric current, humidity, light, or alternating magnetic fields) and enabling more complex movements on demand. Multimaterial approaches are followed as a strategy to achieve the capability of active movement to enhance the mechanical properties. In another approach additional functionalities are added in basic research for a successful realization of products based on the shape-memory polymer technology as well as for the development of a product pipeline to be realized in the near future. Interdisciplinary approaches combining the expertise of chemists, physicists, biologists, pharmacologists, and materials engineers lead to innovative material concepts, that will be presented, discussed and published, fostering the scientific exchange in a growing community.

Session Topics

A-15.1 - Shape-memory polymers

A-15.2 - Shape-changing polymers

A-15.3 - Light-sensitive polymers

A-15.4 - Magneto-sensitive materials

A-15.5 - Degradable, stimuli-sensitive polymers

A-15.6 - Multi-material systems

A-15.7 - Applications for actively moving polymers