Focused Session A-11
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Centre of interest in multiferroics (i.e. materials that exhibit more than one ferroic ordering phenomena simultaneously) is for materials provided with substantial magneto-electric coupling which allows switching of the respective order parameters by external fields. Apart for single phase multiferroics such as perovskite transition metal oxides, Bi alloys, spinel chalcogenides etc, especially multiferroic composites and heterostructures are studied extensively for their potential applications in bulk form and thin film in sensors, and in memory and microwave devices.
This Focused Session, which follows the one on the same subject organized on the frames of the previous CIMTEC edition, will highlight recent developments in the understanding of the physics underlying complex oxides multiferroic ordering, advances in materials science and ongoing and foreseable applications.
Of interest are: Theory and modelling of magneto-electric phenomena; Advances in materials, synthesis and processing; Improving magneto-electric coupling for/and new single phase materials; Single crystal, polycrystalline and layered multiferroic composites; Epitaxial multiferroic heterostructures; Physics of interfaces; Magneto-electric characterisation; Magnetic field sensors; Active multiferroic nanostructures; Memory application; Tunable, multiferroic microwave and mm-wave devices; Miniature antennas

Session Topics

A-11.1 Theory, modeling and materials processing

A-11.2 Magnetoelectric characterization

A-11.3 Dynamics of multiferroics and structural characterization

A-11.4 New effects

A-11.5 Devices