Focused Session A-12
Progress in Metamaterials Research
Advisory Board
Invited Speakers

Metamaterials belong to the class of artificial materials that can be engineered to exhibit properties that cannot be found in nature such as the negative index of refraction. Among these, electromagnetic metamaterials is the most investigated field because of the exciting new opportunities for controlling and modifying the flow of electromagnetic radiation. In combination with conventional materials, artificially engineered electromagnetic metamaterials open new ways to a number of applications in microwave, tetrahertz and photonic devices that range from super-resolution optical instruments and microwave antennas to photonic signal processing circuits. Research is also active on acoustic metamaterials designed to control, direct and manipulate acoustic, infrasonic and ultrasonic waves, whereas seismic metamaterials, aimed in principle at counteracting the adverse effects of seismic waves on man-made structures, is until now a stimulating challenge which may find place for discussion as well.

Session Topics

A-12.1 - Microwave and THz metamaterials

A-12.2 - Photonic, nanophotonic, plasmonic and infrared metamaterials

A-12.3 - Nonlinear, tunable and active metamaterials

A-12.4 - Cloaking, transformation optics, antennas, superlenses

A-12.5 - Acoustic and seismic metamaterials

A-12.6 - Novel concepts in metamaterials