Symposium A

High performance smart materials with new and reliable functionality are at the forefront of the development of a relevant number of ongoing and perspective applications spacing from consumer industry and biotechnology to applications in space structures. The broad range of smart materials, i.e. materials that sense the physical, chemical and biological environment and respond to external stimuli in a controllable way, includes piezoelectric, ferroelectric, magnetostrictive and electrostrictive materials, electrochromic materials, chiral materials, electroresponsive polymers, shape memory materials, electrorheological and magnetorheological fluids, multifunctional materials, active composites and hybrids, smart nanomaterials and nanocomposites, molecular-level smart materials, gels and other responsive soft condensed matter.
Meeting relevant needs for present and future applications requires the availability of new multifunctional materials, the development of models of material behaviour and technologies aimed at optimising and implementing their adaptive/active functions in smart sensor and actuator devices. Basic science, fundamental process science, characterisation, manufacturing and analysis of smart materials, and the assessment, optimisation and exploitation of their functional properties in advanced sensor and actuator devices indeed will be primary focus for this Symposium together with micro/nano electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) combining sensors, actuators, interface electronics and intelligence, as they embody a very important enabling technology that offers premises to be pervasive in integrated systems of higher functionality and intelligence.

Areas of interest will involve, but are not limited to:

  • New materials synthesis
  • Phase transformations, surface and interface science, defect chemistry, mass and charge transport, field and temperature driven transitions, domain structure and dynamics, rheology, tribology, etc.
  • Advanced processing of dense or porous smart bulk materials, thin/thick films, multilayers, FGMs, fibres, composites, nanomaterials, hybrids etc.
  • Combinatorial approaches
  • Molecularly and atomically engineered materials
  • Self- and directed assembly
  • Biomimetics
  • LIGA
  • Micro/nano lithography
  • Micromachining
  • Electron, laser and ion beam techniques
  • Active composites, active structural elements, hybrid and multifunctional material systems
  • Electrical, magnetic, optical, mechanical, thermal properties
  • Constitutive behaviour: micromechanical models, multiscale models, structure/property -relationships, coupled field behaviours, etc.
  • Failure models and mechanisms, reliability life prediction
  • Theory, modeling and simulation of sensing/actuating mechanisms, devices and performance

Session A-1 Ferroelectric, piezoelectric, electrostrictive and magnetostrictive single crystal and polycrystalline ceramics and metal alloys

Session A-2 Stimuli responsive polymers and gels

    Electroactive polymers (EAP)
  • Electrical field activated EAPs: dielectric, piezoelectric and electrostrictive polymers, liquind crystal elastomers
  • Ionically activated EAPs: conductive polymers, polymeric gels, Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC), carbon nanotubes

  • Chemically and photo activated polymers, and other stimuli responsive polymeric materials ang gels
    EAPs Artificial Muscle Actuators

Session A-3 Shape memory polymers
Shape memory

Session A-4 Electrorheological and magnetorheological fluids and polymers

Session A-5 Smart multifunctional materials and composites

Session A-6 Hybrid active materials systems

Session A-7 Smart nanocomposites and nanomaterials

Session A-8 MEMS/NEMS

  • Micro(nano) fabrication technologies
  • Device integration, interface electronics, packaging
  • Process and device design, modeling, simulation and control
  • Calibration, characterisation and testing technique, reliability, life time
  • Micro(nano) devices based on MEMS/NEMS
    Micro/nano sensors and actuators, nanorobotics
    Wireless, RF MEMS and smart dust
    Bio and chemical MEMS
    Micro and nano fluidics

Special Session A-9 Recent Development in Electrical Writable Organic Memory Devices
Shape memory