Focused Session A-12
Artificial Muscle Actuators Using Electroactive Polymers
(A joint session of Symposium A "Smart Materials and Micro/Nanosystems" and Symposium E “Mining Smartness from Nature”)

The unique capability of inducing large displacements and the functionality to emulate biological muscles make electroactive polymers (EAPs) attractive for niche application in several fields. Research in this area is continuing to grow with the objective of turning the intrinsic properties of these materials into affordable sensor and actuator devices.
Ongoing studies including advances in materials and their processing and characterization, achievements aimed at a deeper understanding of the principles underlying electrochemical and mechanical behaviour of EAPs, and the evaluation of their effectiveness and perspectives for applications will be primary focus for this session.


A-12.1 Materials

A-12.2 Analysis, Physical Mechanisms and Characterization

A-12.3 Devices and Applications