Special Session A-9
Recent Development in Electrical Writable
Organic Memory Devices

Session organizer:
Dr. Shashi Paul, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK


In electronic memory devices, the primary aim is to produce structures that exhibit at least two distinct electrical conductance states, on the application of voltage. These two states can be viewed as the realisation of a memory device. Recently, there has been interest in the utilisation of organic materials and/or nanoparticles in hybrid organic & inorganic memory devices, molecular memory devices and polymer memory devices. The session will capture such new developments in the field. It is evident that this is an interesting field of research and we will consider abstracts related to the following topics (but not limited to):

Session topics:
  • molecular memory devices
  • use of molecules and nano-particles in polymer memory devices
  • hybrid organic & inorganic memory devices
  • ferro-electric organic memory devices
  • charging mechanism(s) in organic memory devices