Focused Session A-10
State-of-the-art Research and Application of
SMAs Technologies

Shape memory alloys are systems which are eventuallly exploiting the whole chain of value from basic research to real world success applications. Now research is facing towards new systems and new production routes. Novel materials and alloys are being exploited in order to increase the functional performances. High temperature alloys, Ni free systems, specialized thermomechanical processing, magnetically activated shape memory alloys, are at the center of exciting research activities. Furthermore micro (and even nano!) structured conventional NiTi alloys are deeply investigated. The use of these materials coupled with structural components or either with other functional materials are considered for new systems integration. It is clear that this is an interesting area of which we will consider topics which are related but not limited to:


A-10.1 Materials
Shape memory alloys (SMAs): magnetic SMAs, high temperature SMAs, Ni-free SMAs, nanocrystalline SMAs

A-10.2 Phase transformation and microstructure
Transformation behavior, phase states, crystal structure and microstructure, domain structure, composition, novel characterization techniques, magneto-thermo-mechanical treatment

A-10.3 Engineering
Micromechanical models, macromodels, FEM simulation, coupled field simulation, constitutive behavior, fatigue, failure mechanisms, corrosion, effects of thermomechanical processing

A-10.4 Composites and coatings
Simulation and optimization, hybrid systems, adaptive systems, distributed systems

A-10.5 Applications
Aerospatial, industrial applications, automotive, electronic appliances, textiles, actuators, sensors, micro- and nanodevices, micro- and nanometer-scale systems, pseudoelastic applications