Symposium E
Next Generation Micro/Nano Systems
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Invited Speakers

Technologies for fabrication devices and systems at micro- and nano-scales continue to advance and diversify due to the rising demands for miniaturisation, cost reduction, functional integration and performance enhancement coming from a number of applications including energy, transport, telecommunications, information technology, civil engineering, medicine and other important areas of our everyday life. Smart micro(nano)systems, i.e. devices that provide peculiar intelligent functionality by combining microelectronic components with physical, chemical, biological and optical sensors and actuators on a single substrate (MEMS/NEMS) envisage an increasing range of powerful applications. Their outstanding functional capability expansion compared to the originally based CMOS silicon microsystems relies on the availability of a wide palette of new active, responsive, and nano-engineered materials such as; piezoelectrics, electrostrictives, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, nonlinear/tunable metamaterials, shape memory materials, EAPs, Ph-sensitive polymers; functionalised nanotubes, nanowires, nanopowders, graphene; bioactive and biodegradable ceramics and polymers, active gels, etc. However, to fully exploit the above capabilities in MEMS/NEMS requires new concepts, new processes, and new design and simulation approaches for materials and devices to be integrated in reliable, performing and cheap practical systems. This symposium aims at focusing challenges and solution proposals for developing smart micro(nano)systems by providing a forum for materials scientists, biologists, devices engineers and experts of system integration to merge viewpoints and report on relevant issues for further advancement of micro(nano)systems and their use.

Subject matter include but is not limited to:

  • Smart materials for sensors, actuators
  • Fabrication and packaging technologies for MEMS/NEMS
  • System architecture
  • Electronics and circuits for MEMS/NEMS
  • Innovative devices and application engineering
  • Design, simulation and theoretical concepts
  • Novel lithographic and nanotechnology approaches
  • Nanoscale effects
  • Testing and reliability issues at micro/nano scales

Session Topics

E-1 Physical MEMS/NEMS

E-2 Chemical micro/nano-sensors and systems


E-4 Smart micro-nano systems and components integration

E-5 Radio frequency MEMS

E-6 Energy harvesting and power supply MEMS

E-7 Micro(nano)fluidics and Lab on Chip, Bio-MEMS

E-8 Flexible MEMS technology

E-9 Emerging MEMS / NEMS Technologies