Symposium B
State-of-the-Art Research and Application of
SMAs Technologies
Advisory Board
Invited Speakers

Shape memory alloys are facing an interesting future. Having reached a consolidated industrial strategy in some niches, people is considering the development of new markets and large scale applications. These efforts are mainly devoted to NiTi base alloys; at the same time a strong research effort is focused on new materials, magnetic ones, high temperature alloys, Ni free systems, composite materials which allow to consider the SMA area an alive and kicking research field. Furthermore, miniaturization is gaining increasing interest. The specialisation of the preparation techniques move the research from the preparation of the semifinished products to real complex and integrated devices. After the focused session held in 2008 on the same topics, the SMAs technologies deserve a visit and for this reason in this new edition we will consider topics which are related but not limited to:

Session Topics

B-1 Materials
Shape memory alloys (SMAs): magnetic SMAs, high temperature SMAs, Ni-free SMAs, nanocrystalline SMAs

B-2 Phase transformation and microstructure
Transformation behavior, phase states, crystal structure and microstructure, domain structure, composition, novel characterization techniques, magneto-thermo-mechanical treatment

B-3 Engineering
Micromechanical models, macromodels, FEM simulation, coupled field simulation, constitutive behavior, fatigue, failure mechanisms, corrosion, effects of thermomechanical processing

B-4 Composites
Simulation and optimization, hybrid systems, adaptive systems, distributed systems

B-5 Low dimensionality
Thin and thick films, laser technologies, micro- and nanometer-scale processing, interconnection technologies

B-6 Applications
Aerospatial, industrial applications, automotive, electronic appliances, textiles, actuators, sensors, micro- and nanodevices, micro- and nanometer-scale systems, pseudoelastic applications