Special Session H-7
Biomimetic Flow Control in Aquatic and
Aerial Systems and its Application to Bioinspired Autonomous Vehicles
Invited Speakers

Session organizer:
Prof. Luca Schenato, UniversitÓ di Padova, Italy

Undersea and aerial vehicles are of strategic importance in a number of application including among other surveillance and environmental monitoring. Bioinspired autonomous vehicles (AUVs, UAVs, MAVs) have been the object of interest for many years to exploit swimming modes of fish and flapping flight of insects and birds. Contributions have been gained both from fluid dynamics, muscle technology (including polymers) and neuro science based control both for propulsion and maneuvering purposes. Nevertheless, real applications are at quite an initial stage and efforts are required to move forward to real applications. The main focus of the section will be to collect state of the art contributions to the following topics, but will not be limited to:
  • bio-hydrodynamics, aquatic animals and bio inspired underwater vehicles
  • bio-aerodynamics, flapping flight animals and bio inspired aerial vehicles
  • bio inspired locomotion control
  • neuro robotics and neuro control
  • perception and cognition in unstructured environment
  • bio-inspired sensors and actuators
  • micro sensors and actuators for insect-size robots